Concrete polishing is rapidly becoming more of a necessity for commercial building owners and property managers. Similarly, concrete polishing starts with a relatively coarse, Metal-bonded diamond and finishes with an extremely smooth one. A polished concrete floor instantly brightens any space by reflecting light and reducing the need for more lighting. The advantages of the polished floors are quite numerous and for anyone hoping to have great flooring, it is prudent not to look any further than the polished floors.

After a heavy cut this floor was polished to a 3000 grit finish. We first starting discussing the concept of a polished concrete floor to our kitchen area early in the year with Martin. The clients chose polished concrete for a good portion of their interior floors for a variety of reasons, including aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and light reflectivity.

3. Polishing and Guarding: The final step includes fine polishing and burnishing with FULEX THREE chemical to achieve a gorgeous shine and highly durable surface. Aggregates (rock and sand) are added to concrete to increase it's finished strength and durability.

There are many reasons why concrete flooring has become a popular alternative to more traditional flooring materials for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Polished concrete is the new frontier of architectural concrete. Polished concrete comes in a plethora of low-cost options that you can choose from according to your requirements, without skimping on quality.

Ground concrete is the lowest category of steps of a processed concrete surface. Look at examples of grind and seal and fully-polished concrete finishes to decide which one you want. The low maintenance and high durability of polished concrete also lower long-term costs.

Over the years, many kinds of specialized coatings were used on concrete floors. Level 3 polish A level 3 polish is achieved by going up to an 800-grit diamond abrasive. If the aggregate is added the grinding process exposes the aggregate. You can have a long-lasting, low-maintenance surface that shines, giving you the perfect look for your home or business.

A Densifier will facilitate a strong and durable finish of your concrete surface. Wear a particle mask if you're doing any kind of dry grinding, concrete dust is caustic. offers a range of polished concrete floors and surface preparation across the UK. Based in Oswestry, Shropshire we are on the border of surrounding areas such as Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Mid and North Wales.
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