I woke up about 8:00 and found that every one else was already up.  The rooster crows slightly earlier and the sun shining through my window were not enough to activate my tired body from bed.  I ate breakfast and then went with Kim's mother into the new house in order to brush more of the oil and bean mixture on the walls.  Some of the spots I had done the previous day were still slightly pale and so needed a second coating.  After this, Kim's mother had me brush the floor in the attic for a short while and then we headed outside.
Outside, there was a trash pile that needed to be arranged and thrown away.  We did this together.  Afterwards, I went by and cleaned up the windows to the house.  The final thing I did with Kim's mother was sweep and then scrub the boardwalk in front of the house.   As usual, we all gathered for a small snack, of which was bread with jam and juice.  Lunch that day was ramen.
After lunch, I got to help Kim move large furniture from the old house into the new house.  This work lasted throughout the day, from about one o clock to nine o clock.  We moved things such as large cabinets, the refigerator, and the washer machine.  Many of the items we placed on his truck to help cover the distance more easily between the old house and the new house.  Because of the size of several items, we had to turn the items on their side or use the back door of the old house.  When we got to the new house with the items, we used the windows rather than the front door as a hole through which to move the items in.  For a snack we had tteok.  Dinner was fish, rice, and kimchi.

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