I woke up about 7:30.  We ate breakfast at about 7:45.  It was baked fish, rice, and of course kimchi.  The rice was white, but had red beans added for roughage and flavor.  After breakfast, from about 8:15 I started work.  First, for about 45 minutes I assisted Kim move furniture (such as desks, computer set, TV) into the house they are remodelling.  After this, Kim did not need much help it seemed, but I stuck by him in case he did.  Around 9:45 we started tidying up the floors in the new house.  From about 10:30 I removed tape that was still covering the new doors in the house. 


We ate lunch at about 12:45.  It was something I had a few time in Japan, omu-rice.  It used the same rice from the morning, but also with ham and pork mixed in.  The omelette on top wasn't solid as I am used to in Japan but rather cut into thin slices, similar to omelette strips used on the Japanese dish burazushi.  During lunch, the guy cracked a joke with me about how I have long fingers whereas his are shorter and thicker. 


From 1:10 I assisted the two people working in the new house.  First, I assisted the man (with the thick fingers) move a table to the far left room.   Next I helped him measure and cut sheets to place on the cieling.  I actually noticed something else about this man's fingers at this time.  He has only 9.  The mark of a true handy-man. 


I then helped the man and his wife place the sheets of paper on the cieling.  The difficulty in this is that the paper did not always want to stick.  We also had to make sure that the paper lied flat along the cieling in order to remove any air bubbles.


At about 2:45, Han called me over to finish oiling the walls.  We are using a mixture of bean something and cedar oil for this.  To get to the very top of the walls in the main room I had to stand on three cartons!



When I was done with this, I took an hour break about 4:00 to 5:00 to finish some things I needed to take care of online.  Afterwards, their son asked me to help him carry a 40 kg of rice to the shed.  We got that done quickly, and I was able to then play chess with their daughter.  I was really surprised how bright she was.  I began writing this note on paper at about 7:00, and was able to listen to the two kids practice their violin as I wrote.  Afterwards, I decided to study a bit of the Korean alphabet, and the two kids energetically jumped in to help me out.  I really appreciated it.  This went into dinner, which I ate with the two kids at an Asian style table in the living room of the older house.  Dinner was red bean rice once again with a pork-veggie mixture on the side. 


At about 9:00 I was feeling kinda sleepy so I was about to go to bed, but then the daughter showed me a note.  "Would you like to go to the new building with me?"  I said "Ok," and decided to watch some TV.  I was asked to do some quick chores then.  I am surprised by how late they all work, but they're doing what they have to do so they can be in this new house as soon as possible.  It looks very nice.



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